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My name is Gabe O’Neill and I live in Canton, GA, which is a suburb of Atlanta.  I live here with my wife, daughter, our Bernese Mountain dog Lola and a cat that barely tolerates me.  I am so excited to be a newly relocated Georgian. I am having so much fun meeting everyone here. All my contact information is below in my business card.


I formed this company in June of 2016. Now a full time web developer, I provide solutions that often involve websites and/or social media. I can develop web applications from soup to nuts, or can solve issues with current. I am also available for consulting work in a variety of disciplines, all of which I have built experience along the way from building the Kids Are Heroes® nonprofit:

  • Website / Software Development
  • WordPress Development and Consulting
  • Twitter Coaching
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO
  • Brand Development



I have been in software development for quite a few years now.  I build web sites, program in C++ and in PHP. I had the privilege of being introduced by Bill Gates on national television in 1993 as I demonstrated the product I built with my team.  I have a unique blend of technical and social media skills that I utilize frequently to think outside the box when it comes to furthering our philanthropic causes.  I’m also available for social media coaching, as I love to share what I have learned over the past several years.  I work hard at it every day, and fully understand that there are no shortcuts  However, I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t see the rewards and believe me I have seen plenty. Through social media we have brought Kids Are Heroes to the attention of thousands of people all over the world.


I have evolved as a Twitter coach since I began with it in late 2008. Once I realized the value of the platform if leveraged properly, I have used it virtually every day since then to promote my daughter’s charity Kids Are Heroes®. We have amassed more than 122,000 Twitter followers and are a frequent feature on Evan Carmichael’s “Top 100 Twitter Users in Atlanta.” The amazing results we have gained over the years are why we focus our social media efforts mainly on Twitter. I share best practices and how to grow your business in personal coaching sessions and classes, both online and off.


In 2006 my dog Charlie founded Wags for Hope, which is a local volunteer pet group that visits nursing homes. This is now a thriving non-profit that boasts well over 100 animal teams out visiting people in nursing homes and hospitals in several surrounding counties.  In 2008 my then nine-year-old daughter MaryMargaret and I founded “Kids are Heroes“. This is a non-profit that gets kids involved in philanthropy at an early age which besides helping the planet, boosts self confidence and sharpens leadership skills.  We do this by showcasing kids on our web site who are doing amazing things for others with no consideration of their own benefit. In April of 2009 we were lucky enough to win a contest organized by Sir Richard Branson, owner of the Virgin companies, which promoted our video pitch on all Virgin Atlantic planes for the month of June 2009.  (We were also fortunate enough to meet Sir Richard in person in September of 2011 as MaryMargaret and I presented Kids Are Heroes in front of 500 social entrepreneurs. You can view this presentation here. ) In early 2010 we forged a relationship with ex-NFL star Levar Fisher, who tours the county motivating and inspiring our youth.  Just recently we started the KAH Ambassador and Outreach programs which, through social media, enlist the help of people all over the world to boost our profile and grow our organization.

I had an itch to write a book about my experiences with Wags for Hope, but you all know how that goes. I discovered I could quench that thirst by blogging. I started in July of 2008, and in December of that same year I discovered Twitter. (I tweet both KidsAreHeroes and GabeONeill.)  I feel that Twitter,  Facebook  and YouTube are perfect platforms to spread the word about Kids Are Heroes, since all are global applications.  My fascination with social media is second only to my passion for Kids Are Heroes, and I am always seeking out ways to use what I have learned about social media to further the KAH cause.

As a matter of fact, our passion for it got us noticed by Mashable.com, as they deemed us as one of the “5 Must-Follow Non-Profits Making a Difference in Social Media” in November of 2010.  I love to hear feedback and share what I have learned so don’t be shy in connecting with me.

More recently we have been producing our own videos for Kids Are Heroes, with the hopes of one of them going viral one day. Along the way we are learning more and more about video production and motion graphics on a tight budget. So with a Flip video camera, After Effects and some green screen technology, we are off to the races to create that viral video. We welcome suggestion and are also open to discussion as they pertain to our experiences.

In July of 2014 we picked up everything and moved to Atlanta. We had met a gentleman on Twitter who was hosting the Kids Business Expo and asked us to host our event along with his. On blind faith we sold our home and moved south. The Kids Are Heroes Young Leaders Summit just happened in February of 2015 and was a resounding success. We were lucky enough to meet Marcus Lemonis from CNBC’s The Profit as he was our keynote speaker.

If you would like to contact me directly, feel free to do so.

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